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After class students sometimes ask if I could recommend any qualitative Yoga literature or Yoga items such as mats. Since there often is not much time to talk after class I thought it might be helpful to give you a small collection of what I am using that´s much worth to recommend. Click on the images or links and you´ll get all the details.

Yoga & Training Equipment

Normally when I head to class I only grab my Yoga bag including my mat, a small bottle of water and my wallet. It all fits in here. Love it! And my students do so too (keep asking where to get it).


A very natural looking and non-slippery mat (super important especially on hot days). Have it since 2018 and still looks like I just got it! 

Check availability here (often sold out)


Once when I started to get into the more difficult asanas, this was a great help. When teaching classes I use these to enable my students a correct alignment.


Was afraid the block would smell but not at all.  There´s a cute little Yogi on it too.

Nice add-on is the bag that´s perfect when heading to classes, guess I will carry it till it rips apart!


Using this comfy pillow for meditations and certain Yin Yoga Asanas. Also to simply sit on the ground while having a morning tea ;-). 


Literature to deepen the Yoga knowledge

light on yoga book

This was the most important book for me during my first Yoga Teacher Training.  It´s perfect to study correct alignments of all relevant asanas and it teaches different pranayamas and their effect on the body. A musthave!


yoga anatomy book

This book gives easily understandable insights into the effects of certain asanas on the body. It names amongst others the specific muscles used in a asana which I find very useful for using the correct terminology.


ayurveda selbstheilung

Sorry but German only: Wenn du dich für die Selbstheilung durch eine ayurvedische Lebensweise interessierst, dann ist das dein Duden.


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