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Yoga Classes &
Physio-Fitness Sessions in berlin

About Yoga Classes

Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa. I am internationally certified in these styles and teach them the original Indian way.

Classes can be thought in German, English and Spanish

All ages are welcome.

In group classes I recommend an age of 16+.

For kids I only recommend very small groups.

Private classes can be taught independently of the age, I can adjust level and style to the participant.

You are welcome as an absolute beginner, we will get you on the right track for sure!

If you have some experience already, great – let´s continue there.

Advanced practitioners are very welcome, too. Just let me know your preferences.

If you have an own Yoga mat, please bring it. If not, I will provide one. For group sessions mats will have to be brought by all participants. A bottle of water would be good for you to bring, too. Please already be dressed in comfortable clothes you can freely move in.

No prep is needed. Just make sure to come absolutely sober and with no full stomach (last meal at least 2 hours before)

No problem, just tell me priorly your physical background and I will adjust classes accordingly.

About Physio-Fitness sessions

You may tell me your preference in length. However, I at least recommend a length of 40 minutes.

A Physio-Fitness session always starts with a smooth warm up. Then we will train with a couple of different exercises mostly with your own body weight your functional anatomy, strength or condition (depending on your needs). It will always end with a cool down.

In order to prepare the session I only have to know up front about your physical condition.

During summer preferably outdoors such as in a quite spot in a park. Session can also be realized on demand closer to your home or at your preferred location.

A towel (preferably not white and not too small) and a bottle of water. Please already be dressed in comfortable sports clothes and please wear tennis shoes.

You don´t have to prepare anything, besides giving me the information about your physical condition and what you would like to work on. Please come absolutely sober and not with a full stomach (last meal at least 2 hours before).


Yoga Classes
Physio-Fitness Session


How you book a class or session

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Click on the button below and fill in your request

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I will check your request and get back to you asap

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Together we will find a suitable time and place to arrange a Yoga Class or Physio-Fitness session for you.