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1. Tip: Your Performance

The first very effective tip to all ambitious minds out here.

It will help you to enhance your work performance and your overall daily life performance in all senses.

There are 4 attitudes named in yogic philosophy that a person should incorporate in order to live a harmonic, healthy and productive life. The one attitude I am about to point out is called Duty (Dharma in Sanskrit).

“Duty is an attitude? How shall it help?” Let me explain.

Each person has various duties to fulfill within one day. This could be to complete tasks at work with 100% of quality, to be a caring partner or parent, to perform sports the best possible, to cook the most delicious meal, to keep up with mailings… the list is long.

We all have certain duties every day. However the real duty is not to complete all tasks, but to fulfill every single task WITH 100% OF OUR CONCENTRATION. If you do one thing, do it with full focus, no distractions. Always try to give your best in fulfilling it.

BUT(!) only attempt to fulfill your duties till it feels fine for you – become aware of your limits! Recognize your personal maximum of energy you can give. If you have reached your limit, take a break. Up to this point you gave your best quality resulting in the best possible result. If this was your limit, everything after that you´re trying to push might not result so well. Also your mental or physical health could be harmed.

If anyone is not happy with you taking a break or is upset with you, don´t feel guilty!

You gave 100% of your energy and quality to this person, to your sportive performance, to your work, clients or colleagues… – more isn´t possible.

Be happy, or very happy 🙂Care for yourself.